hmm… I just had another dream of a deer coming to sit on my lap…

This time it was little faun… she came and bopped me on the forehead with her nose and then curled up on my lap.  It was so precious and I felt so happy.  I stroked her back and we sat contentedly enjoying each others company.  Then she told me her name but I can’t remember it now…. it started with a c… cornelia?  Something like that.. don’t remember but I remember feeling very happy that she shared it with me.

Hi :) Just wanted to say I really love your blog and your knitted things! They are both very magical.

Hi dear, thanks so much!  I love your blog too… your outfits are all soooo pretty and wow, fabulous photography.  :)

Hello ! Love all your knitted things, you're obviously very talented. I've only just started knitting but you've given me a few cool ideas :) just wondering why you get your skirts from? Excluding the ones you've knitted of course

Hello!  Thanks so much for the sweet message.  I’m so happy to hear that my work has inspired your knitting.  :)  I get all of my skirts and things from thrift stores.. sometimes ebay.  I’ve also got my eye on a few things from etsy I’m hoping to purchase soon.  :)

Eeeee!  A hummingbird just flew up to my kitchen window as I was making lunch and hovered there for a while watching me cook! It was magical. 

Fun fact… Apparently hummingbirds are able to hover mid-flight by flapping their wings in a figure 8 pattern - the symbol for infinity. 

Hummingbirds are neat.  :)

I couldn’t believe I found this at the book store in my small town.  I had been wanting a copy of this for so long and there it was… and such a pretty copy too… I think we were meant to be together.  :)

oh god, I think I’ve become hopelessly addicted to astrology…

I (like most people) had no idea there was so much to it… aspects, houses, angles, moon signs, rising signs… so much to take into consideration… you can see where you’ve come from and where you’re going. What’s holding you back and what’s helping to guide you… endless amounts of information… it’s really too bad that astrology has become what it has today… just based on your sun sign for entertainment in the Sunday newspaper.  It’s no wonder most people don’t ‘believe’ in astrology.. the sun sign is such a small part of it…. an important part, but there are so many other factors to take into consideration… Sometimes people don’t really identify with their sun sign at all… like my boyfriend for example. But start looking into the chart as a whole, taking in all the aspects, and ahh… the picture becomes more clear… the sun is in the 12th house.  Mars is in Aquarius in the first, mercury is conjunct the ascendant, the story is starting to unfold now…  That is what astrology is after all, a story unfolding…

A fair warming:  this blog may start to include the ramblings of a novice astrologer.  :)


Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.

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